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Looking for a reliable team of professional roofers to do repairs or roof installations on your house or business? We are here and at your service.
RonOvations is a widely known company with a vast experience in the field of roof repairs, installation and maintenance. With an outstanding track record, great customer communications and an extensive insurance policy, you’ll be surprised that our prices are not through the roof!

Innisfil Roofing Services By RonOvations

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Our Specialties


Metal Roofs

If you want a no-nonsense high value long term roofing solution - the metal roof is what you're after. Looking plain but sleek, those roofs can last a lifetime and then some.

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Great option for a private property, giving the residents a sun bathing or BBQ space for the summer. Those are tricky because one mistake will make them leaky! But hey, we know how it’s done right.


Tile Roofs

Tough and pretty, tile roofs can really be a huge enhancement to the house’s curb appeal while providing decent heat and cold protection. They are not as tough as say metal roofs but they are very easy to fix, because it can be done in sections. Only the part that came apart has to go. Easy.

Why Hiring RonOvation for Your Roofing Project is a Great idea?


Suffice to say we’ve been around. After 15 plus years of roofing experience, we have definitely seen it all and made up a few tricks as we went along. But in a more serious tone, we’ve been at the forefront of roofing innovation and saw the industry evolve. And evolved along with it. You can’t teach this in a school.

Premium Selection for Your Protection

Experience is a lot but reputation is Everything. When we do a job, we are the first (well, maybe second) people to be interested in seeing it last. Meaning we pick the best suppliers and work with top grade materials. No compromises.

Dedicated to You

When our clients talk, we listen. A roof replacement is one serious investment and we make sure you know we know exactly how you want it. We plan, source, measure, cut and install with your guidance and feedback. Always.

Value That's Clear as Day

Our pricing policy is like a sun roof - transparent and bright while keeping you safe. You’ll get no surprises from us - what you agree to pay is what you end up paying. This includes everything, insurance, labour, down to the last nail.

Roofing Services in Innisfil FAQs

What is your service coverage?

We serve most of Ontario, We cover all of Innisfil, spilling over into nearby townships because hey, everybody has a roof and needs it in good shape. In short – we go where you are.

Absolutely. We stand by our work and make sure you trust that we do before we’re even started. Depending on the job, you get several years on labour and 70+ warranty on materials.

Emergency repairs are among our specialties, responding fast on our 24/7 hotline and working in any weather. First we contain the situation, restoring your peace of mind, and then we finish the job to put everything into place.

Asphalt shingles are likely among the most popular choices of roofing in our parts. It’s a very nice combination of reliability, colour variations and a pretty comfy cost. They also look organic, not an unimportant trait for a self-respecting Innisfil roof.

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