Stone Coated Metal Roofing

The Most Durable Material for Roofing

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Are you struggling with the standard shingle roof? Whether you deal with frequent curling, cracking, or warping, we completely understand your frustration. Now is the right time to replace it with stone-coated steel roofing. Despite the aesthetic enhancement, this smart investment gives you peace of mind.

What Are Exactly Stone Coated Metal Shingles?

The stone coated steel roofing brings the aesthetic appeal of traditional shingles, while providing the longevity of metal. The metal sheets are covered in stone granules, guaranteeing long lifespan without sacrificing curb appeal. 

The stone-coated metal shingles eliminate all the hassles, such as splitting, curling, raising, blistering, cracking, and other problems that frustrate you. At the same time, it keeps the aesthetic appeal of a traditional roof.

Benefits of stone-coated metal shingles

  • Durability: The steel roofing withstands the harsh Canadian winters, so you won’t have to worry about warping and bending.
  • Longevity: The lifespan of coated metal shingles ranges from 40 to 70 years
  • Fire protection: The stone-coated steel roofing is fire-resistant material that enhances safety
  • Low maintenance: Requires less maintenance compared to traditional shingles

Why Hire RonOvations?

Our team has more than ten years of roofing experience, from that, for six years we deal with steel roofing installation and repair. On top of earned experience we offer:

Competitive Pricing

Our quotes ensure you get the best value for your money. We offer the most competitive prices in the roofing market.


Our roofing experts have the skills and knowledge to assist you with anything roof-related. Premium Materials We use premium quality materials to ensure roof longevity, saving time and effort.


We provide a 5-year labor warranty and an impressive 75-year material warranty for peace of mind.

Full insurance

Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides a worry-free experience during roofing projects.

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What are stone-coated metal shingles?

Stone-coated metal shingles are high-quality steel sheets with stone chips. They come in various styles and colors to choose the right fit for your architectural style.

The stone coated steel roofing is a perfect choice for homeowners that want longevity and quality. It is durable, long-lasting, energy-effective, low maintenance, and fire-resistant. At the same time, it comes in various colors and styles to enhance the curb appeal.

Stone-coated metal shingles last 40 to 70 years, meaning that you won’t have to replace your roof again. In comparison, asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan ranging from 15 to 30 years.

Stone-coated steel roofing needs frequent maintenance to keep it in excellent shape. But which roof doesn’t?! The good thing is that you only need to repair the paint. It can weaken due to harsh sunlight, but this isn’t an issue in Canada. With a few simple touch-ups, your stone-coated metal shingles will look excellent.

The stone-coated steel shingles cost from $7 to $13 per square foot on average just for the material. Add the labor costs to that, and you will have the total price for installing a new roof. Expect to pay more for premium shingles and particular styles.