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Do you reside in the Barrie area and your roof requires professional attention? RonOvations has got you covered!

Feel free to contact our team for any inquiry or issue you may have: leaking roof emergency repair, entire roof replacement estimate or just season inspection and maintenance check. Our roofing experts offer 15 years of experience, most of it earned while providing solutions for Barrie and surrounding township homeowners and commercial properties managers.

Roofing Services we Offer in Barrie:

Barrie Roofing Process


Roof Evaluation

Our process starts by carefully reviewing your roof's condition and Barrie's unique environmental factors - such as proximity to waterways and climate. In particular, consideration should be made of its interaction with specific challenges associated with roofing in Barrie, such as the proximity of waterfront access points or unique challenges related to roofing in this city.



Tailored Solutions

Following our assessment, we develop customized roofing solutions tailored to Barrie's unique requirements. These custom-tailored solutions aim to solve specific issues and improve your roof's performance in its proximity to water.




Our skilled roofing team in Barrie undertakes installation with great care, selecting materials and techniques explicitly tailored to Barrie's climate and waterfront location to create an exceptional roofing system that can withstand its unique challenges.



Roof Quality Inspection

To complete any project in Barrie, we conduct a detailed quality inspection that ensures all works comply with Barrie's roofing standards and meet its unique characteristics. Our review considers environmental impacts to ensure your roof fits seamlessly within its environment.

Why Hiring Us for Your Roofing Project?

We Are Local!

Our office is in neighbouring Barrie, and most of our customers naturally reside here, in the largest city of the region. Servicing Barrians for over a decade, we know how to best answer the local demand.

Premium Materials

We prioritise durability and dependability, using top-level supplies from the best manufacturers. We pair these with extensive warranties to provide our customers with a peace of mind for the longest possible time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise our customers the best possible service and the most durable roof installations, and we stand behind our promise. We won’t get paid until you get what you ordered in full!

Fair Pricing

We provide Barrie residents with the winning combination of quality and affordability: the best value of professional and responsible workmanship paired with top-quality materials for the roofing.

RonOvations Specialties


Metal Roofs

The most durable type of roofing, with the longest life expectancy: metal, or steel roofing. Popular among industrial property managers and residential homeowners who are looking to invest in their property for a long time.

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs

Most popular among commercial properties for its relative cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance, this roofing type best suits large buildings with roofs that don’t require visual aesthetics.


Tile Roofs

Elegant look and affordable cost - these two factors make tile roofing the most popular among residential homeowners, about 85% of households in the Barrie area are covered with tile roofs.

Project Gallery - Completed in Barrie

Witness our quality work directly by viewing our completed projects in Barrie as proof of our craftsmanship and unfaltering commitment to excellence.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it: hear what our satisfied customers say about their experiences with Barrie Roofing Company! Their testimonials showcase our dedication to providing customer satisfaction.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair



Persistent leaks during rainfall indicate an immediate need for repair.



Sagging roofs could indicate structural issues requiring immediate attention.

Granule Loss

Damaged Shingles

Missing, cracked, or curled shingles indicate wear and tear that requires prompt attention.

Damaged Shingles

Granule Loss

Spotting lost roof granules in your gutter indicates the need to inspect your roof, while water spots on walls or ceilings could indicate leaks in your roofing system.

Barrie Roofing Services FAQs

What is your service coverage?

We serve Barrie and surrounding townships, it would be safe to say we do emergency call 50 km around Barrie and 70 km pre scheduled service appointments for major roof repairs and replacements.

We offer 2 to 5 years warranty on labour and installations (depends on the service), as well as up to 70 years warranty for materials depending on your chosen roof material.

Typically, in the Barrie region, our response timing ranges between 15 minutes to one hour. However, this depends on traffic, time of the day, and of course weather conditions.

On top of common roofing service, we offer siding, eavestrough installations, soffit and fascia, attic blown insulation as well as general roofing maintenance for residential and commercial households.

24/7 Emergency Roof Repair Service in Barrie

Should an emergency arise with your roof, our emergency repair services are just a phone call away and designed to mitigate property damage. Do not hesitate to contact us. Allow our roofing specialists to handle the burden; they are ready and waiting.

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