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Looking to get your roof repaired? Look no further than RonOvations!

We specialise in a range of roofing repairs, from regular maintenance to same day emergency repairs, and we have the expertise to fix any type of damage. Our company takes pride in providing roofing solutions that you can rely on.

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Professional Roof Repair Services

Never underestimate the significance of addressing roof damage; it can prevent expenses. We are well aware of the causes of roof damage whether its due, to weather conditions, gradual wear and tear or faulty installation. If you suspect any issues like leaks or damage it’s always a good idea to consult a roofing contractor, like RonOvations for an evaluation.

Feel free to give us a shot: our roofing technicians are available for 24/7 call in Manitoba (Winnipeg and surroundings) and Ontario – GTA and townships around Barrie.

Emergency Roof Repairs:

Having a roof leak? Contact RonOvations now, we will fix your leaking roof in no-time. We repair any type of roofs, be it a standard shingles cover, steel sheets repair or engineered stone coated shingles replacement. We know how to identify and fast-fix any issue, such as chimney leakage, misplaced shingles, eaves or fascia repair or internal damage caused by animals. Call us today, and we will be taking care of any roofing issue within one hour.

Signs That You Need a Roof Repair

  • Missing or cracked shingles
    One of the issues which homeowners come face to face when it comes to roof damage is the presence of missing or, damaged shingles. Severe weather events such as winds, hailstorms and heavy rain (not uncommon in our area) can cause roof segments to become loose or displaced. Inadequate installation practices may also lead to shingle damage or displacement.
  • Leaks or water stains on the ceiling
    Dealing with leaks, or ugly water stains, on the ceiling can be quite a hassle for homeowners, right? They are not just pretty not pretty. They may also indicate a more serious issue with your house’s roof. Ceiling water stains often occur due to a leaky roof, which can have other causes.
  • The gutters are clogged with shingle granules
    Accumulation of granules in gutters is a sure sign that the shingles on a homeowners roof might need urgent replacement due to degradation. Shingles play a role in safeguarding the roof from weather conditions like rainfall, snowfall and hail. Over time these elements can wear down the shingles causing granules to accumulate in the gutters.
  • Unexpected natural causes:
    Short way of putting it is expect the unexpected. Or rather, inspect the unexpected. After a hail storm or ice rain, it’s best to take the time and look for damages.. and / or cases of invasive animals, who came in to shelter from a storm.

Why Hire RonOvations?

Our team has more than ten years of roofing experience, from that, for six years we deal with steel roofing installation and repair. On top of earned experience we offer:

Affordable Services

We will provide you with a quotation for the most competitive prices available in the market.

Best Materials

We only use the finest materials for our services to guarantee the best possible outcome for your project. Quality is our top priority.

Unmatched Quality

Our rigorous quality standards and attention to detail set us apart, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled quality in every aspect of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roof Repair

Should I repair my own roof?
Yeah, some homeowners can handle basic roof repairs but the savings are not worth the trouble most times. And the trouble is not just the job, it’s everything that can go wrong with it. Just seek out and enlist the services of a professional, especially for extensive repairs. You’ll sleep better. Professionals possess the skills, safety equipment and tools to ensure that the job is carried out correctly.
The price for fixing a roof can slide, a great deal, being influenced by a variety of factors including things like the severity of the damage, the type of roofing material used, and the location, among the rest. It is advisable to request quotes from licensed contractors in order to obtain an accurate estimate that suits your particular circumstances.

Same as with costs, the short answer is that it depends. There are variables such as the complexity of the work, weather conditions and the availability of materials. Simple repairs can be completed in a day, or less, while extensive fixes or replacements might take a few days.

A damaged roof is not just unseemly but can lead to severe harm caused to your attic insulation, ceilings and other parts of the home the roof is there to protect. A maintained roof doesn’t do its job. Almost as bad as driving with a flat tire. Even if you avoid a real accident, the subsequent damage to your property can be overwhelmingly bigger than just fixing the roof on time.

Need your damaged roof looked at by professionals? Look no further, and let us have a look!.

RonOvations team is always on call for urgent roof emergencies, be it a leak after hurricane, structure aging issues or any other matters. Our roofing experts are on call 24/7, and our usual response time is between 30 minutes to 2 hours.