Things To Do In Barrie, Ontario

things to do in barrie, ontario

Barrie, Ontario is a vibrant city in Simcoe County that offers plenty of activities and attractions for residents and visitors. No matter your interests – whether natural, historic, or leisure – Barrie offers something special. In this guide we explore 15 must-see sites and activities in Barrie to ensure you make the most of your visit to this charming Canadian city.

1. Explore Barrie's Waterfront

Barrie’s waterfront is an idyllic locale offering more than stunning vistas. Take a relaxing stroll along Kempenfelt Bay shores, take pleasure in the serenity, and admire sailboats and yachts gracefully gliding along its waters – it makes an excellent backdrop for photographers during sunset hours!

2. Visit Centennial Park Centennial

Park is the ideal family-friendly getaway. Boasting an expansive sandy beach suited for sunbathing and building sandcastles, well-kept playgrounds for children, shaded picnic areas with tables galore – Centennial Park makes an enjoyable family day trip destination!

3. Explore Heritage Park

Step back in time by exploring Heritage Park, Barrie’s living museum of historic buildings and structures which provide an exciting peek into its past. With interactive exhibits and guided tours available for guests to appreciate Barrie’s vast history.

4. Visit Sunnidale Park

Sunnidale Park is an idyllic outdoor adventure spot. Beyond its lush vegetation and winding walking paths, its peaceful setting provides a much-needed reprieve from city life. Explore one of its trails or picnic at its dedicated dog park area before unleashing off-leash play time for your furry pal!

5. Shop Downtown Barrie

Downtown Barrie is an inviting district full of character. A popular shopping spot, this neighborhood features boutiques, art galleries, specialty stores and seasonal farmers’ markets selling fresh produce as well as handmade artisanal products and other souvenirs for sale.

6. Visit the MacLaren Art Centre

Art enthusiasts will adore visiting this cultural hub; boasting an incredible selection of modern and historic artwork, this cultural centre showcases breathtaking exhibitions by both local and international artists alike.

7. Experience Treetop Trekking

Treetop Trekking provides an exciting adventure experience high above the forest floor. Test your courage as you traverse zip lines, aerial games and challenging treetop obstacle courses – making this destination a top pick among adventure enthusiasts of all kinds.

8. Discover Snow Valley Ski Resort

When winter sets in over Barrie, Snow Valley Ski Resort becomes buzzing with activity. Skiers and snowboarders from both novices to veterans find trails suitable for every level here; plus their cozy chalet offers a cozy retreat after an active day on the slopes!

9. Take a Day Trip to Wasaga Beach

Just an easy drive from Barrie, Wasaga Beach is waiting with its spectacular sandy shores and inviting waters of Georgian Bay – making for an idyllic beach experience! Bask in the sun while swimming through crystal waters or challenge friends to a game of beach volleyball for an authentic Canadian beach experience!

10. Experience Elmvale Jungle Zoo

A fantastic destination for family outings, Elmvale Jungle Zoo offers an exhilarating adventure. Encounter exotic animals such as lions, tigers and giraffes while learning about conservation efforts that make for an educational yet entertaining visit for visitors of all ages.

11. Savour Barrie's Delectable Cuisine

Barrie boasts an exciting culinary scene, from international fare to classic Canadian fare served in restaurants – sure to satisfy any palette with flavorful cuisine!

12. Attend Festivals and Events

Barrie’s vibrant community spirit can be seen through its various festivals and events, like its Waterfront Festival with live music and entertainment and film festival with cinematic arts being just two examples. Be sure to consult Barrie’s event calendar for what might be going on during your stay!

13. Fish on Lake Simcoe Lake

Simcoe offers fishing enthusiasts unparalleled fishing experiences, providing opportunities to cast a line and reel in species such as perch, pike and lake trout for an enjoyable fishing adventure! Fishing Lake Simcoe can both relax and reward anglers!

14. Visit the Barrie Molson Centre

Sports fans will enjoy visiting this modern arena, which hosts various sporting events like ice hockey games, concerts and live performances. Before your visit, check the event schedule to determine what may be taking place during your stay.

15. Experience Barrie Arboretum

Barrie Arboretum offers an idyllic urban retreat where visitors can connect with nature while admiring an impressive collection of plants and trees from its grounds. Relax as you stroll leisurely along its elegantly landscaped grounds or simply sit back and take in its serenity – this hidden gem awaits!

Visit Barrie, Ontario and make memories to last a lifetime! Don’t miss these fantastic attractions and activities to create an incredible trip experience!

Conclusion :

Barrie, Ontario is an engaging city packed with attractions and activities designed to please visitors of any age or interest group. From nature lovers and art fans alike to adventure seekers seeking their next thrill ride – Barrie offers something for all visitors! Plan your trip wisely so as to maximize its potential during your visit here!

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